Saturday, October 5, 2013

I did not find a reason not to join myfunlife

Dear Readers,

From my point of view, there're  at least two reasons why we should consider to become a Myfunlife member :

  1. It's a 6.3 Trillion Per Year Industry, just imagine by joining MyFunLife you have the chance to tap into this giant industry, something so big for so little..($25 per month )
  2. Since the world become more and more "internetize", people tend to use internet to fulfill their travel and vacation need. so, by owning a travel booking engine we have the chance to create more and more sales from our engine  just by promoting it. Even free members are entitled to this engine. Let say someone books a trip of $2000 from your engine and let say again the company earns just $200 in commissions, the result is 50% of the the company's commission would be yours ( $100 commission on a single sale). isn't it a big deal ?
I'm just talking about earning from the products/services in this post, not to mention how much will you earn from the matrix 3X10. 

kindest regards
nyoman suadnyana

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