Don't Get Confused Here, You Don't Have To Travel, To Rent Condos, or To Take Trips in order to earn with MyFunLife.

MyFunLIFE has created a business model which allows anyone to succeed, if they choose to. They are partnered with  travel agencies which have been in business for over 33 years. Travel Agencies are here to help MyFunLife Members with the travel portion of MyFunLIFE. You simply share the opportunity and Member benefits with your prospects, and let the travel agents take care of the travel needs.

My Fun Life Products made to improve your LifeStyle!

My Fun Life is launching soon with 3 products already up and running.
Before I jump in to those, let's pause and consider 1 thing -  - why do people join a Network Marketing company?
The easy answer is "Money", but that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Why do people really chose to start their own home based business - take additional time to get it up and running?
Doing what they want, having the money to do it, and being able to travel where they want!
My Fun Life is focused on just that!

My Fun Life Products

My Fun Life launches with 3 products focused on the travel industry
  • ChaChing booking engine
  • Fun Condos
  • Fun Trips

Let's take a little closer look:

ChaChing Booking

My Fun Life has created a robust vacation booking engine, just like you'd expect from any online travel - hotels, destinations, airlines, etc.  They call it ChaCHING!
Playing around with this, you'll see the same features you expect, with some deep discounts available!
Marketing idea:
Do a search for destinations like Disney - figure a great package (like a week hotel and airline) and then advertise this locally!

Fun Condos

You know timeshares, right?  Where someone buys the 'right' to a week at a condo in a resort?
Many of those go unused, and Fun Condos will allow you to pick these unused weeks up for pennies on the dollar at exotic locations around the world!  
Discount travel - Love it!

Fun Trips

The idea behind this is easy?  How do you save money at Big-Box retailers like Costco?  They buy in bulk!
With Fun Trips, My Fun Life gets travel "packages" and can offer to us deals at Great Prices!  Last I checked, they had 11 already up, from Alaska to Cozumel, Mexico, to Ho Chi Min city!

My Fun Life offers real deals on Travel - helping you improve the quality of your life and the quality of your vacation travel - and you can offer these to others as a My Fun Life representative.
Add to this the Amazing income opportunity, and this is a Business you Must look at!
Check out the info in the link below (click on the image!) and then contact me with any questions!
See you on the Beaches of the World!

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