Wednesday, October 2, 2013

MyFunLIFE Corporate Update

Here's I recieved an Update from the corporate regarding to the  change in compensation plan.....
September 29, 2013 Exciting Income Explosion Coming to MyFunLIFE

Dear Members,

We have had several leaders come to us over the last couple of months with nearly the exact same requests. After spending a couple of weeks in the Dominican Republic recently, we can no longer deny the overwhelming need to implement this enhancement. At the request of the leaders and in the best interest of our Members, we have decided to increase the income in our Compensation Plan beginning October 1, 2013.

With such tight margins on our $21 Membership product, it didn’t previously seem possible to increase the income in the Compensation Plan. After extensive thought and meetings with various leaders, we have come up with a plan which will work for everyone! By simply raising the cost of the Membership from $21 to just $25, only a $4 dollar increase, it could make over an $800 per month difference in your first 6 levels! Not to mention what it will do to your Matching Bonus checks! This is how the new Compensation Plan enhancement is going to look:

Level 1 - $1.00
Level 2 - $1.00
Level 3 - $1.00 (You can get paid through the 3rd Level without sponsoring a single personal)
Level 4 - $1.00
Level 5 - $1.00
Level 6 - $1.00
Level 7 - $2.00
(You must still qualify for Levels 8, 9, & 10)
Level 8 - $1.00
Level 9 - $1.00
Level 10- $1.00

Our CEO, Mr. Dan Edwards recorded a short video to share his vision and how these changes can bless many more Members of MyFunLIFE. We are truly a company that wants the best for our Members. We will post the video in the Corp News within the next 24 hrs. It is currently being edited.  

The Team Leaders and Corporate Executives all believe these enhancements will help your marketing efforts pay off MUCH quicker, so this price change will take effect October 1, 2013. It has been a unanimous decision with everyone we have talked to and we are sure you will be excited about the enhancements as well.

To Your Prosperity,
MyFunLIFE Corporate Team

PS: Check out our newest promo video! We are getting rave reviews and think you will feel the same way.

MyFunLIFE Corporate YouTube

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