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Dear Friends,
I have been working on something you need to know about...

Many of us have worked together over the years to share great products, build companies and to create FREEDOM for ourselves and for others. Some of us have invested thousands of dollars and even thousands of hours in different companies to accomplish this. There is a CHANGE taking place in our industry... Something SO BIG, SO NEW, and SO COMPELLING I just have to SHARE IT with you...
It's called “MyFunLIFE" a revolutionary company in the emerging MOBILE APP Industry that's about to take the world by STORM. They are in the process of building the largest GLOBAL NETWORK of their kind by introducing the WORLD’S HOTTEST APPS in the HOTTEST MARKETS! They are beginning with Travel. (More Apps to follow) Picture this... There are over 2 BILLION APPS downloaded every month and that's predicted to grow to 2 BILLION every week by the end of 2013. Travel and Tourism is a 6.3 TRILLION DOLLAR per year Industry and a product everyone already loves and wishes they could do more of. Imagine being in on...The First Travel App that PAYS!!!

MyFunLIFE is something totally different and totally unique! They offer unbelievable travel savings; they have a revolutionary new booking engine called "CHA-CHING" that pays you cash back on all your travel! Plus, Luxury Timeshare Resort access for pennies on the dollar and FunTRIPS at blow out prices (They use their massive member buying power to get bulk pricing on Cruises, Resorts, Airfare and Hotels). You can literally save $1,000s every year with a membership! And get this...it's only $21/mo. to become a Member! (Similar memberships sell for thousands!) That’s it, only $21...NO UP-SELL or Additional products to buy! At MyFunLIFE it’s simple...JOIN, TRAVEL, and SHARE!

Why am I telling you ALL this??? Because, there's something HUGE in this for you! The company is launching globally RIGHT NOW and we have the opportunity to position a few family and close friends near the TOP! They will be rolling out ALL of the social media tricks, online tools, email blasts, capture pages and a FREE Mobile APP download that will literally take the company VIRAL! We are positioning Global Leaders as I write this! The company is using a 3X10 Forced Matrix Compensation structure with up to 50% check matching (on all your personals) with upfront Coded Bonuses that pay out weekly! And you can earn up to 7 Levels in the Matrix without having to sponsor or talk with anyone!
Hello??? (Sponsoring is required to get paid on levels 8,9 &10 = BIG MONEY) It’s INCREDIBLE, it’s gonna BLOW UP, and it's only $21 to get in! (With a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, too).
I have been invited to take a POSITION in the Company and would like to take care of some of my friends who have worked with me over the years! Please respond to this email as I may not have time to contact you all individually. I will be putting ALL of my efforts into this and ABSOLUTELY KNOW without a doubt, that this could be a HUGE BLESSING for you!

NEVER BEFORE have I seen an opportunity for you to be involved in something SO BIG for SO LITTLE ($21).
We are positioning several big global leaders now and anticipate 200,000 members in the first 6 months! Please get back with me ASAP so I can secure YOU a Great Position in the matrix!
nyoman suadnyana

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