Compensation Plan

you don't have to travel to earn with MyFunLIFE....Find Why !

With MFL, you earn income from 2 different sources

  • matrix commission

3X10 Forced Matrix

Commissions earned in the Matrix are paid MONTHLY.  As long as you remain a paid Member in good standing, you are included in our MyFunLIFE Matrix.  In the event that someone discontinues their Membership, the positions below their position will "compress".
Keep in mind that YOUR Matrix begins with you... but you are ALSO part of your sponsor's Matrix and your sponsor is part of THEIR spsonsors Matrix ..and so on and so on, all the way back to the first position. Ideally, as we build together as a team you and your team will capitalize from everyone's efforts.
T.E.A.M - Together EVERYONE Achieves More!!!
The Foundation is to "Refer 3".  However, because of the nature of the Matrix, as you sponsor, and the group sponsors, and so on, positions fill below you.  This is how it works for everyone.  Work with your sponsor and your team. Set a goal to fill your Matrix.  We can't tell you how much your potential earnings could be, but take out a calculator or place your own "sponsoring power" in the Income Calculator and see for yourself!
If you're ambiteous and we hope you are...Go DIAMOND and refer 100! Remember this is a $21 HIGH Value/ Low Priced product with a 100% Money Back, 30-day Guarantee!  It's EASY EASY EASY!

Check Match Bonus

Personally refer just 3 and you’re a Bronze Member and will now earn a 10% matching check on every person you sponsor. That’s in addition to what you are already making on your own matrix!
Sponsor 6, and you’re a Silver Member.  Now you’re making 20% and your matching checks just doubled!
Refer 10 and you’re a Gold Member at 30% and your matching checks just tripled!
When you refer 20, you’re a Sapphire Member, not only will you get 40% matching checks, but you also tap into the 8th level of your Matrix!  Check out the Income Calculator on our website as the numbers here get so large we can’t even show them to you (or it might be considered an enticement for you to join!)
For the serious networker who refers 50 Members and achieves the Ruby Rank, you’ll get 50% matching checks AND qualify for the 9thlevel of your Matrix!

Coded Bonus

Coded Bonus is known by industry experts as the most lucrative Compensation Plan ever deployed.

Here’s why.  Once you’ve sponsored your third Member, you’ll begin to receive a “coded bonus” on each Member you refer. 
Beginning with #4, 5 and 6 you will receive a one time $5 coded bonus when they join.  But here’s where it gets ALSO receive a one time $5 coded bonus for each of THEIR first 3 Members, and THEIR first 3, that’s 9, then 27, then ... 81, 243 to infinity.  Getting the picture now? Still think you’ll sleep tonight?  Once you get this, you won’t!  Oh, and .. we pay .. weekly on this too!
Once you sponsor 7, 8, 9, & 10 Members, your coded bonus level jumps from $5 to $8!  So… when you enroll #7,8,9 and 10 you’ll make a coded bonus of $8 on each!

You’ll make $8 on each of their first 3 and their first 3, thats 9, then 27, then ... 81, 243 to infinity and it never stops.

After you’ve enrolled your 11th Member, your coded checks jump from $8 to $10 on every Member you sponsor from here on out!  YES, you get $10 on #11, 12, 13, 50, 100 and so on…there’s no end to how many you can refer at this point.  And, you guessed it, you’re also making $10 on their first 3, thats 9, then 27, then ... 81, 243 to infinity; forever!!!  Plus, you’re still getting the $5  and $8 coded bonuses from before.  The Coded Bonuses are Paid WEEKLY for each Member's first month of Membership...then your commissions are earned in the 3 X 10 Matrix. Cha-CHING.

  • Sales Commision

the commission sheet showing earning by members for travel purchases varies greatly depending upon the vendor. For example taking a cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines   would generate a different commission than taking a cruise with Royal Carribean, and flying with Southwest may pay differently than flying with United.   Below you will see the commission range per type of travel.

Air Fare : 0-1 %
Car Rental : 3-7%
Hotel : 3-9%
Cruise : 4-16%
Train : 2-6 %

the member booking the travel wil recieve 50% of the commission that MFL recieves, and the sponsor of the member traveling will recieves 10% of what MFL recieves.

let's assume a member books a cruise for  $2,000.00 USD at a 10% commission to MFL

Member Commision

$2000 cost
10%   commission percentage to MFL

$200 MFL commission
50% member commission percentage
$100 member commission

Sponsor Commission
$200 MFL commission
10% sponsor commission percentage
$20 member commission

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