Sunday, September 29, 2013

My MyFunLIFE Short Review : where is the money from ?

A real business opportunity must generate money from a real business too...
How MyfunLife Actually Makes Money ?

There are two sources of income :

  1. Commissions generated from sales of products/services. MyFunLIFE gets amazing deals by partnering with some of the best travel companies in the world. It will continue to build and maintain these partnerships so that its Members will always have the best deals available. 
  2. A Percentage of Membership Fee.   Based on my point of view, the matrix model (3X10) adopted by the company is not a "100% commission" model, so there must be a percentage of the fee kept by the company as a source of income....

In order to maximize your earnings with MyFunLife, you should consider the 2 principles :

  • Promote your  personal Chaching Booking Engine in order to generate sales, and
  • Promotw MyFunLife Website in order to grow your Network

How much you can earn from those two ways ? learn more at Compensation Plan above

Ready For The Race ?

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