Saturday, September 28, 2013

You're on a LIST ?

It's A "TRICKY" Method
what internet marketing gurus don't want you to know...

All of them provide free stuff (Ebooks, Reports, Videos, etc..) to their readers and to new visitors. They place the lead magnets in the content, in the sidebar, using popups, above the fold, etc… This is how they build their list (there are other ways to build a list but this is the most common). As soon as they get your name and your email (or just the email is good enough), they send you into the “funnel” and you start getting emails, suggestions, tips, etc… most of the times they include their affiliate links into the emails or they promote offers from other marketers and they are able to monetize.

Partner with me ?
be sure I will never send you any other advertisement and offer... that's not the way I operate this business,

I believe in the power of sharing.. not the power of  teaching

kindest regards
nyoman suadnyana  

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