Saturday, September 28, 2013

What Kind Of Sponsor Are You Looking For ?

Choosing the best MLM sponsor  for you is one of the most important things for your home based business. You can be with the best network marketing company in the world, but if you choose the wrong upline sponsor, you may be headed for failure.

Before I tell you how to choose the right one, let’s review why a network marketing sponsor may not be a good fit for you.

There are 2 main reasons why you may have picked the wrong MLM sponsor:
  1. Sign up with a friend or family member out of obligation – If your friend or family member has no MLM skills, no Internet marketing skills, and has no idea what they are doing, why join with them? This is a business and you need to treat it as such! If you still decide to enroll this way, be sure that they at least have an upline sponsor who fulfills the requirements that I talk about below. 
  2. Found someone on the Internet that had a great online persona – Many people click a link on someone’s website to join an MLM home business without ever talking to that person. Remember, the way a person portrays themselves may be different than how they really are. You cannot possibly know if the person is a good fit for you as an MLM sponsor simply by reading their website or Facebook Fan page. Randomly choosing a sponsor for your home business through an Internet page is not the way to success.
You're Not a Number, But a Real Person

Here are some questions to find the best MLM sponsor for you:
  • Are they available to answer questions via phone, email or text messaging? If you reach out to make initial contact and they do not respond, there is your first clue. Make sure your new MLM sponsor truly cares enough about you and your success to be there for you.
  • Do they provide leadership?
  • Are they actively building their business? If the answer is NO, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. A good MLM sponsor will actively be building their business. If they are not, not only will you never have anyone placed under you in the system, but they will likely not give you any support.
  • Does the team have momentum and duplication? A network marketing team with duplication and momentum means there is a great system in place that everyone learns and uses. Without this, the team is stagnant and typically does not grow. This also proves there is great leadership for the team.
  • Do they provide team training and individual mentoring? The best MLM sponsor will provide training and mentoring for everyone on the team. It not, why would you enroll with this person? They won’t be helping you at all.
  • Are they energetic and positive? In my first network marketing company, I unknowingly joined with someone who used negative reinforcement. What a nightmare! In my present company, I spoke to my MLM sponsor a few times and was extremely excited to find that they are consistently positive and supportive.
  • Do they build their business online? This is very important. In my first MLM business, I was building the business online but my MLM sponsor was not. He was very unsupportive. I had to figure it all out myself which was very difficult with no support. I did figure it out, made a lot of money, and reached ranks higher than my sponsor. I am excited that my current upline sponsor and team are very online savvy, and creating an amazing online marketing culture.
The Best Sponsor is always ready to help you growing your business

As I wrote on another post, Iam not a marketing guru, I only promise to help you to promote your business together, because your success is my success.


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